Montana Gulbrand's is an artist, designer, and multidisciplinary creator. Their work playfully investigates the overlap between the internet, art,  popular culture, and the current political, social, and economic landscape. How do the texts,  images, and commodities we consume mirror the lived effects of late stage capitalism and 24/7 economies?  The tensions between the digital and physical, labor and leisure, authorship and copyright,  working class and bourgeois, and free and freedom are the site of their work and creative inquiry . Their trans-disciplinary artistic practice employs remixing and recontextualization throughout many mediums including installation, code, performance, print, and video to challenge a multitude of social, political, and economic issues resulting from American Imperialism and capitalism. The result is work that critically examines the current structures of power in which we operate as well as the complexities of the contemporary zeitgeist. Montana Gulbrand has been featured on the Boston Art Review, shown work at The Thomas Young Gallery, The Godine Gallery, and Polykhroma, and worked on printed designs for Telluride Film Festival. They currently live and work out of Boston, MA. 



Massachusetts College of Art and Design: BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media. 


2018 Godine Gallery, In Real Life, Boston, MA.

2018 Printa, Copy, Paste, Steal,  Boston, MA.

2017 Godine Gallery, Lamborghini Mercy, Boston, MA.


2018 Distillery Gallery, Boston Art Review Launch, Boston, MA

2018 Fort Five, The Download, Boston, MA

2018 Polykhroma, Lamborghini Mercy, Boston, MA

2018 Design and Media Center, Daylight, Boston, MA, in collaboration with Chase Buckley.

2018 N181, The Download, Boston, MA.

2018 Godine Gallery, Manifesto on Art Pedagogy, Boston, MA.

2018 Godine Gallery, Godine Family Vintage, Boston, MA.

2017 Design and Media Center, SIDM Performance, Boston, MA.

2017 Pozen Center, 100 Posters, Boston, MA.

2017 Poetry Workshop, The Download, Boston, MA.

2017 Pozen Center, Studio for Interrelated Wrestling, Boston, MA.

2017 Telluride Film Festival, Ai Weiwei and Ed Lachman Posters shown at Palm, Galaxy, Sheridan Opera House,and Chuck Jones Cinema, Telluride, CO.

2017 Polykhroma, Utopia/Dystopia, Somerville, MAin collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2017 Godine Gallery, Brujas, Boston, MA.

2017 Godine Gallery, All School Show, Boston, MA,  in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2017 Point of Departure, Theory, Boston, MA,  artist in residence / in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2017 Design and Media Center, BIG Show, Boston, MA, in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2016 Telluride Film Festival, Design for Theatre Marquee at the Backlot Theatre, Telluride, CO.

2016 Thomas Young Gallery, SIM at Thomas Young, Boston, MA, in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2016 North Crackatorium, Congratulations, You Have a New Match!, Boston, MA.

2016 Design and Media Center, Kid Cuisine, Boston, MA,  in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2016 Lucero, Reply All, Brookline, MA.

2015 N181, All School Show, Boston, MA.

2015 N81, BIG Show, Boston, MA.


2016  Gallery.HTML, Memory + Archiving, Online,  in collaboration with Sam Malabre.

2016  Gallery.HTML, Women + Food, Online, in collaboration with Sam Malabre and Jackie Popjes

2016  North Crackatorium, Congratulations, You Have a New Match!, Boston, MA, in collaboration with @ellen.gif,Craig Waddell and Sopheak Sam.

2015  Lucero, Reply All, Brookline, MA.

2015  Brant Gallery, All School Show, Boston, MA.


2017 Harris Barron Scholarship

“This student scholarship of Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation, Inc. is awarded through a generous gift from Ros and Harris Barron, in addition to donations from friends and family. This scholarship is established in the name of Emeritus Professor Harris Barron—who taught at Massachusetts College of Art for 23 years, was the founder of the Studio for Interrelated Media Department (SIM) in 1970, and was the first chair of the ensuing Media Department (MPA).

The Harris Barron Scholarship shall be awarded each year to a Junior student who is eligible for financial aid and continuing through the senior year in the Studio for Interrelated Media Department [SIM], selected by that Department’s faculty, based on exceptional and/or innovative artistic merit with consideration for financial need.”

2016 Emerging Leader of the Year  

“Recognizes a new student leader who has most noticeably demonstrated initiative, motivation, and potential for continued leadership at MassArt.” 

2014 & 2017 Massachusetts Internship Incentive  

"An incentive program to promote and support increased university-level student participation in employer sponsored internships. This program will raise awareness and interest of a greater and more diverse community of students in career opportunities related to the student’s academic program of study and contribute to increased program completion and institutional graduation requirements. 

Eligible students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA on all academic coursework in accordance with institutional standards." 

2014-2018 MassArt Foundation Award & MassArt Deans Scholarship

MassArt merit scholarship awarded to accepted first-time freshman applicants from Massachusetts, based strictly on the merit of the student's application for admission to the college; financial need is not a factor. These scholarships are renewable for four years. 

2014-2018 MassArt Deans Scholarship

MassArt merit scholarships are awarded to students from Massachusetts, based strictly on the merit of the student's portfolio and maintained through excellent academic standing by holding an grade average above a B- each semester.