Digital Mao is a collaboration between Sam Malabre and Montana GulbrandThe Digital Maoist International (DMI) is a fictional internet communist party. The project examines the heightened contradictions of capitalism in the post-internet age by envisioning how a leftist group with a practice divorced from historical communist movements would attempt to bring about a utopian future using culture and the internet as their weapons. The project has been displayed as multimedia installations at MassArt, Polykhroma and Lucero. 

The installation attempts to illustrate the crushing dystopia of a seemingly undefeatable neo-liberal capitalism and the physical isolation of the post internet subject. Simultaneously, the DMI’s rhetoric confidently envisions utopian future and the interconnected web of QR codes demonstrates the collective potential inherent in virtual space. Sam and Montana aim to give the viewer the ability to temporarily become a Digital Maoist by allowing them to wear the Digital Maoist apparel, read and watch content in bed, and use their phones to experience the online aspects of the project. They hope that the space, by towing a the line between comfortable and overwhelming, isolated and interconnected, can allow for reflection on the present, possible futures, and utopia/dystopia.


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Bellow are print files for the Red Book Nano V_001 and V_001 publications and a selection of the digital mao gifs.