Redacted is a body of work made in collaboration with Sam Malabre that uses footage taken from the U.S. Central Commands youtube page to examine how images of war are disseminated to us, how they alienate us from the wars fought in our name, and how these alienated images mirror how war is fought post-Powell doctrine. The various pieces seek to further mediate these images, implicating ourselves as makers in this process of war and communication. The installation incorporated plotter Prints, a projected video on the floor, a readymade video, and was accompanied by a zine.

Ready-Made: Video taken from youtube and made black and white.

Maker of the video mashed-up Centcom’s airstrike footage, leaked [non-sanitized] airstrike footage, U.S. military commercials, and Call of Duty screen recordings

Maker set video to AC-DC’s thunderstruck.

Contrasts with the official sanitized imagery

Both like total alienation from violence and visceral glee.

People made propaganda

[like the sanitized imagery, and anti war leaks are combined by “patriots” to make gory glorification images]