1. Bodega Digital Product Ads

2019-2022 | Art Direction & Graphic Design

Bodega's product ads are crafted to bring out the best in each item. The ads compliment the product and tell a visual story by utilizing various techniques such as physical collaging, illustration, and digital image making. Montana designs high performing ads for Private Label releases, Quick Strike Releases, and General Releases. 

Montana is also the go-to designer for creating ads for G-Shock watches, and has recieved praise and compliments from the brand for their outstanding work.

  1. Selected Bodega Private Lable Ads 
  2. Digital product Ads - Watches
  3. Digital Product Ads - Footwear and Apparel
  4. Social Asset Performance Overview.

Selected Bodega Private Label Ads

Digital Product Ads - Watches

Digital Product Ads - Footwear & Apparel

Performance Overview

Asset Performance Example: Assets designed by Gulbrand (Use arrows to navigate).

Instagram media analysis (Bellow) shows that Bodega receives an average of 1.07k likes and 7 comments on an instagram post. (Source Linked︎︎︎)