Saucony Grid Azura

The marketing of Saucony Azura Grid is framed by a story about fictional experiments and chilling accounts of a clandestine Saucony laboratory.

To bring this eerie, 2000’s sci-fi narrative to life in the promotional photos and video, Montana and the Bodega design team researched, created, and installed this set featuring original printed material, and props inspired by a Y2K abandoned research bunker.

During this project, Montana conntributed to the testing and sourcing of materials, prop construction and print design, set lighting, and installation. They finalized files for print, and then worked with printers to ensure the quality and timely delivery of all printed matter. Then, they cut and applied the prints to the cans, bottles, and other generic objects on set to bring the props to life.

Montana assisted in constructing the set from the ground up. They started by preparing the shooting site and building the structural elements such as the metal shelves. Then Montana wrapped up the installation by adding dusts and loose powders on surfaces to create authentic feeling textures that could be captured on video.

Montana’s attention to detail was instrumental when they designed the canned food labels, which feature several discontiued 2000’s food lables remixed with easter eggs and subtle client branding.

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