Red Bull: Beantown Uprising

Concert: Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, Bearly Yvng, Where’s Nasty, & Van Buren 

Concert Poster and Merchandise Design

Poster Design 

Red Bull sent Montana on a mission to design a poster for a concert featuring local hip-hop and emerging artists celebrating Cousin Stizz’s return to Boston after releasing his first studio album, TRYING TO FIND MY NEXT THRILL.

A few years prior, Montana had first met Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, and other great artists in a Boston basement venue.  Montana and their friends we’re running the venue as a music collective called Theives Grotto, and that evening they were producing Cousin Stizz’s Boiler Room show.

Montana returned to concepts derived from Boston’s deep music culture. In this design red and blue wheat-pasted paper collage builds off of Boston underground music flyering. They physically collaged Red Bull’s brand identity and corporate colors into the background, helping to unify those two disparate graphic styles. Offset LinoCut prints of the featured musical artists collaged in black and white references the DIY heart and printmaking of Boston’s current and historical music scene.

Apparel Design 

Additionally, Red Bull and Bodega (where Montana is employed as a Graphic Designer) ended up working together to create the  visual content and merch for the concert. This provided Montana the opportunity to collaborate on the design of souvenir T - Shirt and Pop-Up Shop for Red Bull Presents Bean Town Uprising.

Montana reiterated the aesthetics derived from Boston’s music history in the mood board and execution of designing the custom graphics and graphic design for the T-Shirt. The hand-dyed almost bleach-yellow base, worn grunge collage type, and customizable patches are nostalgic of loc al punk shirts you might buy out of someone's backpack on a Boston basement show, but elevated in material and printed quality as a nod to  Cousin Stizz’s journey out of the basement and onto the main stage.

Ideation Process for a Fast Turn Around.

With only one day to design the event apparel, Montana created this mood board to pitch ideas to the lead private lable desiger and quickly move foward with design execution.

Event and Apparel Documentation

Video by Colin Pagnoni bellow.