ABC’S of Contemporary Art

The ABC's of Contemporary Art is an on-going and incomplete glossary of terms contextualizing current conditions within the Fine Art Industry with a central focus on presenting the causes and expansive effects of this industry historically and with the working class as a focal point of analysis.

This project aspires to eventually to help artists and non-artists alike to better grasp the economic and political significance of the current Art Market, and the boundless potential that the future of both art, and the world hold.
5 limited edition of handmade prints of the ABC’S of Contemporary Art went to Miami Art Basel 2019 with Bodega x Diesel.

Print zine editions of this publication were shown and sold at the Boston Art Book Fair in 2019.

This publication aquired by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Library for their artist book collection.

An online version of the ABC’s of Contemporary art is in development and can be visited at the link bellow.

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Bodega x Diesel at Miami Art Basel 2019